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Our Outboard Motor Covers are based on a popular tried and tested design that has been used in the Riverland area of South Australia (the 'Tinny' capital of Australia) for over 30 years!!!

Our Outboard Motor Covers are made to protect your outboard from sun, weather, UV fading, scratches, dents and dust. The covers are designed for a 'fitted' look, specific to the model.


Made in 3 layers to ensures maximum protection; 

* Inside Layer - we use felt hoodlining for the inside layer to protect the cowling from scratches or abrasions from the Outoard Motor Cover

* Middle Layer - the middle layer is 12mm cerex foam. Using 12mm cerex foam provides additional padded protection from bumps and dents

* Outside Layer - Tornado premium boat hooding, is designed to be waterproof, UV fading resistant, and is sanitised against mould and mildew.


Our Outboard Motor Covers can be left on the motor while on the water, while towing or in storage.

Please contact us if you are interested in a colour other than our standard (light or dark grey), or would like to personalise your cover by having an image, logo or wording printed on it.

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