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Drum Roll Please...

After many sleepless nights and a few profanities, we are excited to release Tuff Dog Australia Puppy / Small Breed collars.

Our original collars are made from 3 layers of 50mm webbing and designed for larger breed dogs. Over the years we had received numerous enquiries about using the same design but for large breed puppies or smaller breed dogs, so we decided to give it a try. Using 25mm webbing we have been able to replicate the original design but scaled down. We think they look great, and hope you do too.

They come in 7 colours (Fluro Orange, Fluro Yellow, Fluro Pink, Black, Blue, Red and Purple) and are available through our online store, ebay (search 'Tuff Dog') or direct from our workshop at 59 Airport Rd, Renmark.

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