Our Straight Drop Crank Handle Blinds include:

* Vistiontex Plus mesh

* Minimum 63mm top aluminium blind tube

* 50mm bottom aluminium blind tube

* minimum 11:1 crank gear box

* 2 x stainless steel saddles

* minimum of 1 crank handle

       - minimum length of 1200mm

* necessary screws and fittings based on your installation application (timber, steel etc)

* installation instructions


To obtain a price for our Straight Drop Crank Handle Blinds select your relevant width and drop by rounding to the nearest 100mm. The price will update to reflect your selections.


If you would like further information or would like to place an order please click 'Contact' (do not 'Add to Cart'), provide your contact information and we will be in touch. 


The prices listed are for our DIY Outdoor Blinds only.


** Price does not include freight.


DIY Outdoor Blind

  • Q: How do I measure my blinds?

    A: For the width of your blind, you will need to measure from the inside point of your post/wall to the inside point of the opposite post/wall. For the drop of your blind, measure from the top of the post to the floor/lowest point you want the blind to be.


    Q: Why don't you include freight in your price?

    A: Rather than including an amount in our price to account for freight, we tailor the freight price based on your location. This helps us to keep our prices lower.


    Q: I am happy with the price, how do I order?

    A: To place an order click the 'CONTACT' button near the top of the page, provide us with your contact details and we will be in touch to confirm your custom measurements.


    Q: How do I pay?

    A: Once we have confirmed your order details, and you wish to proceed with purchase, we will provide you with an invoice. We ask for a 40% initial deposit, with final balance payment required prior to the blinds departing our workshop.


    Q: How long will it take for me to receive my order?

    A: We typically operate with a 2-3 week manufactcuring lead time plus freight time. Once you confirm your order with the deposit, we will provide you with the expected completion date of your blinds.